More 21s

The 2nd week in September saw me arrive at Chancel Street for my 5th Appearance at Stage 5 (21s), and I was asked:

Willesden Magistrates Court to LAMDA

Z Piccadilly Hotel to Princess Grace Hospital

Helsinki Square to Inverness Terrace

Homerton Hospital to Great Ormond Street Hospital


On the 1st run I’ve dropped Hammersmith Magistrates Court – this threw me a bit as I’ve always known it as West London, although on reflection I should have guessed that. Anyway I totally stuttered my way through this, missed out Brook Green when coming down Shepherds Bush Road and got a street name wrong somewhere – 4/10.

With the 2nd run, I’ve dropped the Latvia Embassy and I couldn’t place Luxborough St. I hadn’t pointed the Z Piccadilly (although I have since, LOR Orange St, 1st left Oxenden Street). The Examiner told me at the end that he wasn’t impressed with ‘Leave by’ and along with going pretty wide as I’ve left by Charing Cross Road, I got 5/10 for that one.

The 3rd run saw me score a 6/10, and I’m really struggling to score now, needing 9/10 for the last one.

I couldn’t remember Wardle Street at the start, and although the line wasn’t terrible, it could have been better. The Examiner went on to say that I had made some fundamental errors in each of my runs and that I need to get this sorted. He went on to say that he was giving me the benefit of the doubt and gave me 9/10, and a C. I was elated, and made a mental note that I need to raise my game even further.

A rather overcast day at the start of October was what greeted me on the way to my 6th Appearance at this stage, and I was asked:

London Edition Hotel to Queens Park Station

Sanderson Hotel to Waterloo East Theatre

Pembroke Square to London Bridge Hospital

Stephen Lawrence Centre to Southwark Playhouse

The first run follows a couple of BBs very much and I’ve cocked it up, although, very unusual at this stage, the examiner let me run it again. Mercifully. I’ve got it right at the 2nd attempt, and I’ve got a 5/10.

I can’t even tell you what I did on the next run, but I’ve been given a fabulously generous 5/10. There’s still a chance that I can pull this one out of the bag.

I knew on the 3rd run that you can’t get further than Great Guildford St when going west on Union St as I was there a couple of weeks previously, it’s now a Boris bike station. So I managed to call the line with only 1 incorrect street name and I’ve scored 9/10 and I’m now on 19 points and need just 5 from my last run to score.

I remember checking out the Elephant and Castle Junction after all the changes were made and made a mental note that you couldn’t get Newington Causeway when approaching from New Kent Rd. As a consequence I got to the Bricklayers Arms roundabout and went up Great Dover Street, L Borough High Street, F Newington Causeway. It wasn’t at all pretty but it got me a 8/10 and 27/40 and a C! I’m at 3 – 3 on my 21s and my next Appearance will see me sitting my Requisition (Rec).

I said I would try to update my blog before that and I have. My Rec is tomorrow afternoon.

This will be the most important exam of my life. To quantify that, I have sat many exams and I’m not a young man. Every time I enter the exam centre, I always fear that I haven’t done enough. All I can hope this time is that I’m not asked something which I haven’t revised recently.

I will update this blog regardless of the outcome. I shall also endeavour to reintroduce some crap jokes unless I get an outpouring of requests suggesting I don’t bother LOL.

Be Lucky people, and thanks for reading.



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