It’s the 21s

Massive apologies for not doing an update for so long, I promise you I really have been busy

Anyhow, I started a new job in April which meant I couldn’t book another Appearance until the end of May. I was asked:

St Georges Cathedral to Moscow Road

Prince of Wales Theatre to Sisters Ave

Scotland Yard to Holborn Police Station

On the first run I managed to drop 7 churches including the German Protestant Church and the Chinese Protestant Church. I did manage to get 3/10 for the actual line.

For the 2nd run I dropped 8 theatres in places such as Peckham and Hackney and scored 2/10 for the run.

At this point, I was everywhere. There is no 3rd run as I dropped all 10 points.

For the last run, remarkably no points dropped and I’ve scored a highly insignificant 8/10, and 13/40 in total.

Welcome to your 21s Lad. I think we should move onto the next one.


My next Appearance was the middle of June and I met this Examiner for the first time. Here’s what I was asked:

Piano Lane to Trinity Gardens

Streatham Wine House to Marks and Spencer Pantheon

Morley College to Pineapple PH

Essex Road Station to Arsenal Station (No Highbury Corner, No Highbury Park)


I think there’s not much point in going into these runs as I scored 0/10, 0/10, 0/10 and 4/10. A grand total of 4/40, my worst mark by far. What this drove home to me was that going to Knowledge school once a week and half-heartedly calling over on my own the rest of the time wasn’t going to cut any ice with anyone. I have come too far and invested too much time to blow this now.

With this renewed vigour and commitment, I strode back to Chancel Street on a beautiful day in the middle of July, where I was asked:

Earlsfield Station to Gypsy Hill Station

Gypsy Hill Station to Maze Hill Station

Maze Hill Station to Lee Bridge Station

Lee Bridge Station to Golders Green Station

The Examiner explained that she was going to ask big points on long runs which basically run just inside the perimeter of the six mile radius. It was a tough ask, but on the plus side I didn’t drop any points!

After thinking about the first run, I realised that I could stitch 3 Blue Book runs together here. Firstly from Garrett Lane take the BB to Bedford Hill, then the latter part of the BB to Norwood High Street and finally the latter part of the BB to Dulwich Wood Park but going right into Gypsy Hill. That got me 7/10

The second, I used the BBs to Crofton Park and Lewisham Stations and the reverse of the BB which starts at Greenwich Market and improvised the last bit. Not pretty, but still a 7/10.

For the third, I decided that the Blackwall Tunnel looks good, the up all the way to Eastway, Orient Way and forward onto Argall way. Another 7/10.

I need 3 points to score now, and I’ve seen that if I can get to Cazenove Road, I can run the BB to Malden Road, coming off before the end and improvising the route to Golders Green. I may have gone a bit off on this but still I’ve managed a 6/10. That’s 27/40 and I’ve scored.

The Examiner was very encouraging after this and explained that it wasn’t perfect, but she felt she could justify a score. I’m off the mark and I’m elated.


At my job, the holidays are really quite restrictive, so my next Appearance isn’t until the middle of August. The questions were:

Kennington Station (Leave on Left) to Pineapple PH (SDOL) (No Elephant and Castle, No Lambeth Road)

Elephant and Castle Overground to Haberdasher Askes Girls School (No Walworth Road)

Honor Oak Park Station to Rectory Road Station (SDOL)

Embankment Gardens to Bulgari Hotel (No Sloane Square or Sloane Street)

The first line has really thrown me and all I can see is going down to the Oval and coming back up to Westminster Bridge Rd, R Upper Marsh, L Royal St, F Centaur St and R into Hercules Road. I’ve dropped 5 for going wide, 2 for wrong street names and 2 for hesitation. I know it was a crap line, but a piece of advice I had when I started was ‘Never tell an examiner that you can’t get them there’.

For the next line I’ve got to E & C junction and left by Newington Butts then Kennington Pk Rd and totally missed Kennington Pk Place and have taken a very wide line to get to John Ruskin St and then onto Old Kent Rd. Then Pomeroy St, Lausanne, Gellatly, Arbuthnot (which I couldn’t remember) and Jerningham. 4 points dropped for going wide, 1 for forgetting Arbuthnot and 1 for hesitation. 4/10 and I’ve improved my first score fourfold.

Even though I’m pretty sure at this stage that I’m not going to score, I’m determined to make a better fist of it than I did the last time I saw this examiner. So, the next line I’ve made my way up to the Rotherhithe Tunnel then got to Cambridge Heath Rd, Mare St, Amhurst Rd, Rectory Rd, Manse Rd and Evering Rd. This was quite a long run and I kept it big, so I’ve dropped 3 for going wide, 1 for hesitation. 6/10.

I dropped 159 Knightsbridge and another point there because although I guessed Knightsbridge, I didn’t want to get a zero for not knowing where to drop. I need to tell you all this line as I’m dead chuffed with it. So from Embankment Gardens, I’ve gone Tite St, Tedworth Square (forgot the name!), St Leonards Terrace, Wimpole St, Anderson St, Draycott Place, Cadogan Gdns, Cadogan Square, Pont Street, Beauchamp Place and then panicked, I can’t do a right. Quick as a flash (not really) I went L Brompton Rd, Brompton Square, Brompton Rd, Montpellier St, Montpellier Square, Trevor Place, Knightsbridge and set down on the right. 2 points dropped for not knowing the points, 2 for incorrect street names and 2 for hesitation, and, get this – ZERO points dropped for going wide. So I’ve got 4/10 for that and 15/40 in total.

This examiner, who is known to be tough, had some very encouraging words to say at the end, and I left the room feeling really quite good about myself.

So, that leaves me at 1-3 down in August. As I write it is now 6.40pm on a Saturday night and I was on the map at 7.30 this morning. I now intend to write out my points ramble for an early start tomorrow. I shall try to write up my latest 2 Appearances very soon. Thanks for reading and Be Lucky.


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4 Responses to It’s the 21s

  1. Ryan says:

    I was beginning to think the worst when i dint see anything on this page for weeks on end, Thank God you are safe and well and back writing your blog. sorry to read 21’s haven’t been kind to you yet but i’m sure you will turn this around and get it back level for the nerve jangling final push. Best wishes for your last two apps and i look forward to (touch wood) reading you are 3-3

    • Hi Ryan,
      Great to hear from you. Hope everything is going well. I will write up my latest Apps soon, I promise you I’m not trying to leave you all in suspense – I just need to find a window!

  2. Phil says:

    Hi Dave, glad you’re ok, don’t be a stranger!

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