Yet more 28s

A particularly clement morning at the start of November saw me up for my 2nd 28 Day Appearance, and here are the questions:

Peabody Trust to Piccadilly Theatre

Old Dutch Restaurant to Holland Street (Kensington)

All Souls Avenue to 606 Club

West Norwood Station to St James Station

I have seen this Examiner before and he always asks about places I have worked and always knows where they are. He even knew the street of Sheffield Polytechnic, where I went to college. So after dropping Peabody Square but guessing it might be on the Peabody Estate on Southwark Street, he said, ‘There’s a Piccadilly in Manchester, let’s go to Piccadilly Theatre.’ I saw this as Waterloo Bridge and then went a bit low by going down the Strand… Pall Mall… Regent Street… Glasshouse St… Sherwood St and left into Denman St. So 1 point dropped for not knowing Peabody Square and 2 for going low – 7/10 and I’m well happy with that.

Next up I’ve taken this one down Shaftesbury Ave… Haymarket… Piccadilly and south of the park when it’s north and possibly through the park. 2 points dropped for not being direct and another 1 for a wrong street name – another 7/10.

The third run I’ve got myself down to Holland Park roundabout and instead of Holland Rd/Warwick Gdns/Earls Court Rd. I’ve lost my bearings and gone Holland Pk Ave/Notting Hill Gate/Campden Hill Rd only to come back on myself to redeem the line on Earls Court Rd. Bit of a clanger, that one – 6/10.

I made quite heavy work of the last line and eventually took this over Lambeth Bridge and then a rather convoluted route to Broadway. Remarkably I got another 7/10. That’s 27/40 and a C for this Knowledge boy, and I think Christmas has come a little early for me this year.


At the start of December 2016, Britain had hit ‘something of a cold snap’ according the weather reports and I was looking at the prospect of having scored on every Appearance within a calendar year. Here’s what I was asked:

Meadway to Trellick Tower

Hilton Riverside to Fellows Rd

St Julians Farm Rd to Young Vic Theatre

Wormwood Scrubs Prison to Gielgud Theatre

The first run should be left via Meadway Gate/Hoop Lane/Finchley Road and for the life of me I couldn’t see it. Sometimes if I think about it, I can rationalise things. Not this time and I’ve left via Holne Chase and Winnington Rd. The line I pulled from there was actually not bad, but the damage had already been done, 5 points dropped and 5/10.

After the first run, I’m now a bit unnerved and I’ve taken this one over Waterloo Bridge… Drury Lane… Tottenham Court Road round the east side of Regents Park and onto Primrose Hill Rd to get Fellows Rd. Wide and a lot of hesitation – 6/10.

I know I’m paying catch up now and managed to score 2/10 on the 3rd run. Dreadful call from me.

On the last run despite dropping 4 points, I’ve scored 6/10 – 19/40 and my first D for over a year.

To be fair, if I would have been offered 6 Cs and 1 D for my next 7 Appearances I would have snapped your hand off, and a year after getting knocked back to the start of my 56s, I’m 2-1 up on my 28s. I have pulled my finger out and I’m genuinely happy with at where I’m at.


With 2017 now upon us, the first week in January saw me continue with my 28s. I was asked the following:

Royal Inn on the Park to Novotel Waterloo

Ciao Bella to Hurlingham Club

Tonga High Commission to Bloomsbury Ambulance Station

Grant Zoology Museum to Hollywood Arms PH

This is the first time I have seen this examiner who was very pleasant and made me feel at ease before we began. I really did appreciate this as I had spent the previous 3 days in bed with man flu.

The first run going from NE to SW, I’ve gone Grove Rd/Old Ford Rd… Bethnal Green Rd/Shoreditch High St… over London Bridge and down to Elephant & Castle and the on to Lambeth Rd. Probably should have been Southwark Bridge and with no points dropped I’ve scored 8/10. Happy days.

Next up I’ve left on the right Lamb Conduit St on to Russell Square… Oxford St and through Mayfair and made my way to Kings Rd and the followed the Blue Book to Hurlingham Club. This must have been ok as it’s another 8/10.

The 3rd run is very similar to one of Missing Pieces runs I’ve added to my daily callovers, and I’ve made a right Harry Halls of it. So from Goodge St, I’ve gone Tottenham Court Rd/Chenies St/Gower St then L Torrington Pl. Of course, I’m too low for that and I still can’t believe I did it, but hey. That’s 0/10 and I need an 8/10 for my last run.

Mercifully I’ve dropped no points on the last run although I’ve gone down as far as Princes Circus before opting for Oxford St the via Mayfair to Piccadilly… Knightsbridge/Brompton Rd/Fulham Rd and Hollywood Rd.

For the umpteenth time I’ve scraped through with 24/40 and I’m ecstatic. The idea of slipping back to 2-2 was frightening and 2017 has started like 2016. If I can maintain just a semblance of that scoring, I’ll be well happy.

You know, regardless of the result after an Appearance, I still have a great feeling of relief once it’s over. I’m taking a brief respite from the Knowledge to write this blog. But I know I need to keep being good enough to get through this. As ever peeps, thanks for reading.


I know the festive season is now over, but I need to get this one in somehow.

Walking home in SE9 at around 11.45pm on Christmas Eve, the following was heard in the very next street:

“I don’t care what your name is you fat b@stard, get them f*@king reindeer off my roof.”

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9 Responses to Yet more 28s

  1. Ryan says:

    So that’s 3-1 up on 28’s? massive well done to you. best wishes for the next one!.
    I’m still chalking up those points in my car – been going out every weekend from 4:30am to 10/11am and covering the map like a clock. i did a couple of station to station runs the other week to take me across the map. Still struggling to get my head around the changes happening almost on a daily basis.

    Anyway hope you get your drop to the big one next time

    thanks again for posting the updates – always a great read

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for stopping by again and, of course, the kind words. I’m really chuffed to be 3-1 up, but I know from bitter experience that I need to keep on top of this.
    I couldn’t agree more about the changes – if Bank Junction goes to buses only, it will be a nightmare.
    Glad that you’re still enjoying it – please keep me updated on your progress.

  3. The Shields says:

    Congratulations on doing so well. It’s great to read that you’re in spitting distance of the end of this stage and with a bit of luck, you’ll soon have the entire thing done and dusted. I admire your resolve and how you’ve taken the whole process in your stride. It’s a fantastic attitude to have towards the examination schedule and I will look to adopt it myself when I start showing my face at Chancel Street.

    Bank will be an absolute nightmare as the side streets in the area struggle to cope with traffic as it is. I’m not sure how many of my 320 use Bank but it wouldn’t surprise me if around ten percent of the runs did.

    I’ve had to have a few days off the bike due to having to complete a load of banal everyday tasks that have piled up over the past few months but I’ll be up for my map test in May or so. I’m desperate to get my books done and get into the examination system, if only for the semblance of progression that it will provide. I did treat myself to a day of doing eff all last week, no K stuff or anything, and in anticipation of the new Trainspotting film I decided to watch the original. Lo and behold, I see a K Boy bobbing along on his Honda an hour or so into the film and I now think I know what it feels like to be haunted by something…..haha.

    Hope it’s going well for you out there Ryan. You’re not missing much on the bike; my coccyx is still as sore as ever and my sinuses appear to have been permanently damaged by the ice cold air.

    Take care everybody.

  4. Hi Michael
    Thanks for stopping by again, it’s nice to know that somebody actually reads this LOL.
    I know I’ve just got to keep plugging away now and take nothing for granted. In March 2015 after taking a year to get through my 56s I got my drop to 28s. People told me that I would have my Rec by Christmas – in fact, I found myself back at the start of my 56s. Mr Thomas said that it may have been better if I would have got red lined on my 56s, and I had to agree with him.
    All the best with your map test mate. My advice, for what it’s worth, is keep calling your BBs and learn the big points and you should be fine. I also don’t think you can start doing P to P too early so you might want to start getting the daily sheets.
    I remember going to the cinema to watch Trainspotting all those years ago, so I’m looking forward to the sequel as well.
    Be lucky

  5. Ryan says:

    Thank you Michael and Dave for the positive words. I have to say i do not miss my bike except for when i am caught on the highway and miss going up the outside but thanks to the lovely people at TFL that may be the case for every road user soon! I read another worrying piece the other day, they are thinking of tampering with Beech – i think the powers that be are determined to make the city as congested as poss to make us all use the tube! lets hope i am wrong.

    As echoed before, best wishes for the 28/21 drop Dave, really hoping you pull it out the bag mate. Good luck to you too Michael, wont be too long before I put in for my Mappy – have to take the plunge soon or my missus will be on my case – she does not understand the level you need. i am off on a very belated holiday next week but am taking my Ipad and books with me to crack on around the pool – my missus cannot say fairer than that haha

    all the best chaps

    be lucky!

  6. Ahmet says:

    Hi I’ve just come across your blog I’m thinking of starting the Knowledge for someone with your experience what would you recommend method wise would you do the knowledge Point or or any other School and it is still worth doing it

  7. Alex says:

    Well Done and Thankyou, I used your blog to get a grip on the bluebook process a few years back and I passed out last week thanks for the invaluable experience you’re sharing with potential knowledge students and keep up the good work you’re almost there. PS. I found 21’s easiest.

    • Hi Alex
      Thanks for stopping by and a massive well done to you. I’m genuinely elated when I hear that all that hard work has paid off for another one of us.
      I’m glad that I helped you in a small way and if people feel that way, I really am humbled.
      All the very best with your new career, I hope it’s everything you wished for.
      Be Lucky,

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