56 Day Appearance #3 (Mark 2)

A sunny morning towards the end of July greeted me for my next Appearance, and the questions were as follows:

Henry VIII Hotel to Dolphin Square

Chesterfield Hotel to Elephant and Castle Overground Station

Almeida Theatre to Colony Club

Kensal Green Station to Kentish Town Station

The first run is virtually a Blue Book (Bayswater Station to St Georges Square) and for the life of me, I couldn’t see it. I took an eternity to start and panicked into calling an utterly dreadful line down Kensington Church Street… Earls Court Road, then Cheyne Walk and along the river. I was later to discover that I’d got 1/10 for that – probably 1 point more than I deserved.

I managed to redeem myself on the next run going via St James, The Mall, over Westminster Bridge and then down to Elephant and Castle. 2 points dropped for hesitation and a 7/10, I might be able to pull this back yet.

The next run is a banker and I still managed to drop 2 points for hesitation but 8/10 and now it’s down to me to get the last one right.

If I’m going to be honest I have no idea what I needed to do here – all I did know was that the first run was pulling my score down and I needed to get this right. So I did think about it beforehand, and I seem to remember being quite fluent, but the whole experience is really quite surreal so I may, in fact, have been a gibbering buffoon. I’ve dropped 2 points for hesitation and got an 8/10 – 24/40 and I’ll take that ‘C’ all day.

So that’s 3 – 0 up ATM but I’m taking nothing for granted and shall press on to be 2 months wiser for my next Appearance in September.

 Image result for confused face

I watched a film the other night and there was a speech from one of the characters which knocked me sideways. It went something like:

‘…Actions create consequences, and from these actions, new worlds are produced…. So the world in which we seek to undo our mistakes is not the same world in which those mistakes were made.’

I thought that this was so incredibly deep, profound and brim full, nay, overflowing with spiritual resonance that I have put it on my blog in the hope that people will see me as an intellectual giant.

Unfortunately, I haven’t a bloody clue what he was waffling on about.



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10 Responses to 56 Day Appearance #3 (Mark 2)

  1. gattsby says:

    Really enjoying reading your blog, well done mate, and good luck for September 👍🏻

  2. Ryan Powell says:

    Well done Dave. currently doing my radius maps and will put in for my mappy in December. do love to read your blog so please keep it up and keep up the good work! you’ll be out and doing these runs for real soon mate
    P.S I also get stuck with that run you mentioned, i always seem to mess up the start of it, Leinster PL and Gardens 😦

    Be lucky!

    • Cheers Ryan,
      Your map test is 50% Blue Book runs (5 @ 10% each) and 50% points (25 @ 2% each). So long as you’re calling your BBs every day and you know the big points, you should be fine. All the best going forward mate.
      Be lucky,

  3. The Shields says:

    Well done bckg, it looks as if you’ve turned it around quickly enough and fingers crossed, you work through 28s this time with the same ease when you get there in a few months.

    I’m still out there pounding the roads and streets and hope to be up for my map test in late Jan/Feb but I am finding it very difficult to motivate myself to go out and get the work done. The degree of negativity that is surrounding the trade at the minute is unbelievable and I am ashamed to admit that I have let it affect me. It’s so hard to know what the truth is because we just don’t know whether or not the information we’re receiving from the many varied sources is bloody true. The black cab omertà has a lot to answer for haha! Add to that the fact that my application still hasn’t been confirmed, even after submitting it last November (it’s to do with my medical and the fact that TfL and my GP are both ****ing useless…), and it’s a recipe for sitting on your arse at home at the first sight of rain or heat or any other excuse I might use to rationalise my behaviour…..haha!

    There’s no doubt that I’ll stick with it now (I’m confident I’ll get through easily enough, my working hours are conducive to the whole process and I’ve already forked out for most of the cost base, bike etc…) but f*** me, the stories of the mythical ‘£2k a week pusher’ seem like they were being told a long time ago…..haha!

    Hope I’ve not put you or anybody else on a downer, but you will understand the validity of the concerns of most/many K boys and girls out there and I’d be interested to read about your thoughts on them. They seem to be off limits, for reasons which I can understand on other online K forums….

    Keep up the good work.
    ATB when you’re next up.

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for stopping by. You raise some interesting points, and while I’m not yet a cabbie, I’m happy to pass on my thoughts.
      It may be that cabbies aren’t earning what they used to, but neither are most people I know. We keep hearing how Britain is the planet’s 5th biggest economy and yet we have almost 1 million workers on zero hours contracts and around 4 million who earn the minimum wage or just above.
      Did you know uber paid £24000 in corporation tax to HMRC in 2015? The money to be made in many trades and industries is a fraction of what it was just 15 years ago for us little people and I can’t see anything changing on that one.
      Another thing is that I’m in my 5th year on the K and I’ve put too much of my life into it. I don’t know what to make of the scare stories but I live quite a modest life and I’m prepared to work, so I’m just going to press on and hope things work out.
      Sorry if the middle part made me sound like a Bolshoi peasant, but the way huge corporations are crapping all over people while governments approve tax dodging annoys me immensely.
      I’ll be writing up my latest post very soon.
      Once again Michael, thanks for reading.
      Be lucky,

      • Ryan says:

        I’m further away from the medal round my neck then Dave is but I won’t be giving up the K anytime soon. I’m at a slight advantage then most as I have very close family members who are cabbies and even now with more competition out there they say it’s the job of a lifetime. If you put the hours in you’ll get the rewards. I think a lot of old school cabbies have got the hump the days of working 5 hours and going home with a very good wage has gone. No more golf with your mates at 2pm and working 4 days a week. My own personal circumstances will be far far better behind the wheel of the most iconic cab in the world so just crack on and do something thousands try but hundreds of thousands fail. The achievement alone keeps the fire burning.

        Be lucky all

      • Thanks for writing Ryan. Very upbeat and positive contribution – and we all need that with all the crap that’s going on right now.
        All the best going forward mate.

  4. The Shields says:

    I’m glad I brought the issue up because you’ve both given very level-headed and rational replies. I made the cardinal sin of scouting social media to see what current badge holders had to say for themselves……and I won’t be doing it again haha!

    My Mrs is somewhere left of Stalin, Dave, so you seem pretty centre-ground to me. You are entirely right in what you say and don’t forget that drivers were also paying peanuts for homes in London 20 years or so ago and there was no issue about putting a roof over your head. The world has irretrievably shifted. We’re all being ****ed, there is no question about that and we are all right to wonder where it will end and to some degree, this filters into my concerns about what state the industry will be in in 18 months or so when I, hopefully, am in a position to enter it. I just don’t think that TfL actually wants to save the trade but I sincerely hope that I’m wrong about that. Even if they do, I’m not sure that, as an effective and innovative organisation, they have the capacity to do so.

    It was an in-law’s family member that actually got me interested in doing the Knowledge in late 2011 and Ryan, I heard about the very same glory days of the Thatcher era when I was being told to start the K….haha! Also, you’re not the first K bod that I’ve interacted with who has been guided along this path by a family member and that does tell a positive story in itself. Having spoken with the same person again, I’ve been told that drivers are simply having to work longer hours to meet the shortfall in cash but at 70 odd, he’s finding it hard to do that. His new season ticket at West Ham probably hasn’t helped…..

    I have no issue working long hours; days, nights or whatever and I’m happy to be out there week and weekend and I don’t have huge overheads and live like a King either. In any case, the self-employed basis of the work means that it’s a decent job to have if you ever need to go and retrain to do something else.

    I’ve not even finished this and I’m already planning on starting the next bloody task…….haha!

    For better or worse I will stick with it, even if it’s only to say that I’ve done it….
    All the best out there.

    • Hi Michael,
      I hope we’ve given you at least a little inspiration to keep going. Two chaps from my Knowledge school have got their rec’s in the last week, and I’m always over the moon for people when they do. I know first hand what they’ve gone through. Give it your best shot mate and be lucky

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