56 Day appearance #7

Last week I was up for my 7th Appearance and still in with a chance to make the drop to my 28s. Just a few months back I would have given you very good odds on this. Anyhow, I’ve got another Examiner who I have seen before and here’s what I was asked:

St Thomas’ Hospital to UCL Hospital

National Portrait Gallery to Essex Road Station

Merchant Tailors Hall to Naval and Military Club

Rotherhithe Station to Dog Kennel Hill


The first run I took along the river and then over Waterloo Bridge, then got to Drury Lane/High Holborn/Princes Circus/St Giles High Street/Earnshaw St then up Tottenham Court Rd and set down on Euston Rd. I wasn’t very fluent and this got me a 7/10, which I was very chuffed with.

Next up I took the line up Charing Cross Rd onto Bloomsbury Way…Clerkenwell Rd/Roseberry Ave then through Islington to Essex Rd. When you get in that chair, you really do start to doubt what you know and it took what felt like an eternity to call L Canonbury Rd SDOL. Anyway I guess the line must have been ok as I got a 6/10 for that one.

In the week running up to this Appearance I went through some of my old stuff including the Livery Hall Ramble, which I thought I was fairly au fait with. Wrong! When asked for the Merchant Tailors Hall I really couldn’t place it. The examiner went on to explain to me that many years ago when most people couldn’t read, they knew where to buy their goods from the name of the street eg Bread St, Poultry etc. So there’s a great piece of advice for remembering that the Merchant Tailors Hall is on Threadneedle St. I managed to redeem myself by knowing the Naval and Military Club and that it is also known as the In and Out Club. I took the line down Queen Victoria St/Victoria Embankment/Northumberland Ave and then panicked a bit as even though I have ran lots of similar lines before, I couldn’t see it. When you’re in the chair these moments seem to last forever, I’m sure in reality it is only a matter of a few seconds. Anyhow I finished the line ok after that one. Another 6/10.

So I need a 5/10 to score on the last run and I’ve got one of those horrible south London runs where you can go miles out of your way and only realise when it’s too late. I thought about it just briefly, and here’s the line I took

Brunel Rd/St Olaf’s Sq/Lower Rd/ Rotherhithe New Rd/St James Rd/Old Kent Rd/Peckham Park Rd/Commercial Way/Southampton Way/Peckham Rd/Camberwell Church St/Camberwell Green/Denmark Hill/Champion Pk/Grove Ln Forward into

Again, this wasn’t very fluent. On a daily basis for the past year I have been doing P2P on the daily sheets, and while I can see a vast improvement from when I started (Jeez, sometimes I was 3 bridges out), I have to wonder when my Eureka moment will come.

So the examiner offered me some great advice at the end. It’s not just their job to ask us for a line between 2 points, so you’d be mad not to listen to any guidance they give. He then told me that I had scored 7/10 – 26 in total and a ‘C’. He then drew a red line under my 56’s.

COME TO DADDY! I’M ON MY 28’s! I’m absolutely elated and crapping myself. The 28’s are currently running at 23 days, so now I’ve got less than half the time to catch up. I’m back up at the end of next week.

Watch this space.

Removal van

With the dark nights of winter, it is difficult to go out pointing during the week, so I’ve tried to find some points using Google StreetView. Above is a Google view of the Rockwell hotel on Cromwell Road. It seems to me that in the 6 mile radius, there must be around 10,000 Removal vans! However, on closer inspection it would appear that it is the same van parked in front of all these points!

Regular readers of this Blog will not be totally surprised to learn that I have a theory on this. Yes, out there amongst the 7 million Londoners, is a disgruntled Knowledge Boy who gave up. He really struggled and didn’t know his Arsenal Tavern from his Fiddler’s Elbow. Anyway, he now drives a Removal Van for a living, and has somehow managed to get hold of the Google StreetView car’s timetable. So to get back at us all, he follows this car around and does his upmost to get in the way of virtually anything.

If anyone knows this man, please tell his boss that he’s been fiddling his expenses, wasting the firm’s petrol and is having an affair with his wife.

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10 Responses to 56 Day appearance #7

  1. Dennis says:

    Well done mate. Full steam ahead!

    • Cheers Dennis,
      Managed to scrape through another one. I’m really not very confident about my next my 28’s, but I’m over the moon be there.
      If I see you in one of the green huts, the bacon butties are on me

  2. Phil says:

    Well done Dave, rooting for you. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Rob says:

    I take my hat off to you. 3-0 down, then 4-3. That takes a lot of determination!

    Well done. I’m up on the 8th may for my drop to 28s, hopefully ill get it!

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the good wishes. When I went 3 – 0 down I realised that I needed be doing more. I’ve had my fair share of good luck too.
      All the best with your drop. Deep breaths and keep calm!

  4. Paul says:

    Smashing news, what a milestone. Very well done.
    No turning back now dude.

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