London: a city of villages

When I went on the run from Tooting Broadway Station to Jeffreys Road, I drove up Tooting High Street, Balham High Road and Clapham High Street. In the last 16 runs of BB2 I also drove up Norwood High Street, Peckham High Street, Stoke Newington High Street, Highgate High Street and Homerton High Street. The Knowledge really does prove how London is a city of villages which have grown together. When I first began and went to the seminars at the WizAnn and Knowledge Point schools, I was told that I must do the runs in order and I can now see why. Whilst you can never make a 6 mile radius and 25000 streets small, going back over parts of previous runs and taking a different turn brings you to somewhere else that you know. Whoever devised this is a genius

I did some runs in the Congestion Charge zone last week and went straight to Knowledge school from there. Unfortunately, I am going to have to pay this sometimes as it’s too dark after 6pm at the moment and I can’t just do the runs at weekends . Anyway with everything I forgot to pay that night and when I remembered the next day I went onto Google and typed ‘congestion charge’ and the first hit was a site called This informed me that to pay on the same day costs £15 and for the previous day £20, so I paid the £20. It was only when I spoke to TfL the next day that I was told that this company collect on Tfl’s behalf and had I gone to the Tfl website I would have only had to pay £10 and £12 respectively. 

I think Boris needs to get his head out of his arse with his cable car that nobody uses, his bikes which cost Londoners £12 per journey or Heaven forbid a multi billion pound airport in the Thames estuary, and start protecting his people from these charlatans. Thank you – rant over.



I am trying to get more hits on my blog so I decided to do a bit of research. I found this site which says that my blogs need to be all or at least some of the following: Succinct, Humourous, Interesting, Tenacious and Entertaining. The acronym for this is S.H.I.T.E. 

So its official, I need to put more SHITE in my blogs. You didn’t think that was possible did you? Just watch me 🙂

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