Full Speed Ahead

So after my first week on the Knowledge full time I’ve managed to knock out 16 runs. Before this I was averaging about 5 or 6 runs per week. I’m also calling over 50 runs per day which means I start on a different run each time I call over and this makes the most tedious of chores slightly more interesting. I’m at the end of list 9 now and up to 144 runs so I need to be disciplined about doing at least 16 per week and by the end of next week I’ll have finished Blue Book 2 (BB2) and will be half way through the official runs. I also joined a Knowledge School and find it really quite inspiring being with a bunch of guys all aiming for the same goal. It’s more than a little daunting seeing how much I don’t know, but I can now get home from places like Harlesden and Acton. Before I started the Knowledge last July I really wouldn’t have had a clue. This isn’t a 3 year Degree course – it takes as long as it takes.


When I was out and about on my runs last week I made my way to Naval Row which is the start of the run from East India Station to London Fields Station. Anyway before this I’ve polished off my flask of tea and 2 bottles of water and was absolutely bursting for a squirt. I parked up and then had to get a parking ticket from the machine. As I walked towards the The Streamship pub I could feel the urgency to get to the toilets with each step. When I walked in the barmaid was serving someone. ‘Great’ I thought and made a beeline for the gents. I got to the urinal and undid my fly ready to whip my old chap out. I’m now hopping on one leg and swearing a lot. Then I couldn’t find the fly on my boxers. Bollocks – I’ve only put my boxers on back to front. There’s only one thing for it.

I really wouldn’t recommend that on your first visit to a pub in east London you stand at the urinal with your strides and boxers round your knees. I was so relieved to be emptying my bladder that it was only afterwards that I thought about the fact that I could have got battered for treating the place like a gay bar – or worst still gotten rogered senseless. Lucky for me then that nobody walked in. Happy that I’d not pissed myself I had half a Guiness and then made my way to Mentmore Terrace and Set Down on Left (S.D.O.L) for London Fields Station.

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9 Responses to Full Speed Ahead

  1. Stuart says:

    What school did you join ?

  2. Richard says:

    Hey mate! Loving your blog, quite informative with a great sense of humour!! Seriously considering this “knowledge” malarkey me self. I’m in se6 and would love any tips or techniques you’ve picked up on learning or more importantly retaining all the info?? For work I drive all over London and have done for past 10+ years (satnav guided lol), funny how you don’t really take any notice of road names and poi when sat nav guides you isn’t it lol. Anywho, good luck with it all mate and be great to hear from your good self 🙂

  3. hawkpalmer says:

    Great blog mate, really interesting and funny lol

    I’m seriously considering learning the knowledge myself. I work all over London and have done for past 10+ years using satnav and not really taking in all the road names ect

    Couple of questions for you:
    Is the £250 appearance fee for each stage or does that include every appearance?
    Is joining a school worth the money?

    I’m in se6 and would love to get some tips and info from you

    Good luck with it all and I look forward to more blog entries 😉

    • Hi Richard,
      Hi Richard,

      Firstly thanks for having a read and your kind words.
      In response to your questions, the £250 covers all your appearances although this really is something that you don’t want to get your money’s worth out of by making loads of appearances!
      As for joining a school, I would say get your first 80 runs out of the way and then look into it. You’ve got so much going in your head at the start personally I think you don’t need to overfill it with things that are not relevant just yet.
      Retaining all the info is a mind numbingly boring task called “calling over” where you recite at least 40 runs per day. I promise you that it does get easier, but this is a new skill to everyone who starts the Knowledge and it took me a week to be able to call over the first run from Manor House Station to Gibson Square. I’m now convinced that if I live to be 500, I will still know that one.
      There are 2 main methods on how to do the Knowledge so I would suggest you go to the free introductions at the Knowledge Point and Wizann (links are on the “About” page of this blog) and take it from there.
      I wish you the very best of luck with the Knowledge, because sir, you will need it!
      Best regards,

  4. hawkpalmer says:

    Hey Dave

    Sorry about double post, my comment disappeared (then realised it needed authorising lol).

    That’s great info and I’m glad I ain’t got to pay for every appearance! There is a time frame on/between each appearance tho isn’t there?

    My plan of action is to continue working as I’m always all over London and use this work van and free diesel for the runs and get some of it in my head before I apply to be accepted onto the knowledge. As I know my way around London but don’t know the road names, I’m pretty confident in where places are and where I am in London, if that makes sense? Do you learn the runs in order as I could find myself in north London and for example my next run on the list could be in south west London?

    I’ll def pop along to the schools and ask the millions of questions I have about the knowledge and how I go about getting a taxi and all that great stuff involved as a career in black cabbing.

    Do you still use your car for runs or have you got a moped?

    Once I get the books (blue book and begin this adventure/mountain and if you need a call over partner or fancy hooking up let me know, be good to meet others involved.

    All the best with it Dave 😉

  5. Stuart says:

    Hi dave I’m very local to Erith is it a good school ? What way do they do it there? Runs first or dumbbell (ie) 1/4 mile radius run 1/4 , thanks great blog again

  6. Daz says:

    M8, How are you managing to do 16 runs a week and your 16 knowledge points per run. You must be doing very little map study. There is no way you are soaking it all up. It’s too much to learn. If you are solely just doing the runs only and not doing your points. Then I see doing 16 runs per week can be achieved but i do not advise it.. It’s not a race. Take your time. You should be doing no more that 4 runs a week. Take your time to learn your points and study your quarter mile radius. Remember you are going to be tested on your points. Good luck to you.

    • Hi Daz,
      I have decided to go down the Wizann route and do the runs first, and pick up the points after. This is my own preference after going the initial talks at Wizann and Knowledge Point.
      Genuinely, thanks for your advice, and the very best of luck with your endeavours.

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